Communicate Your Library's Value

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The WLA Foundation's Campaign for Wisconsin Libraries provides some ideas for promoting and advocating for libraries:

  • Use Campaign materials to reinforce key messages to increase awareness of library issues and value
Campaign Materials

Radio PSAs

Created for the Campaign, these PSAs present relevant facts and request support of libraries in humorous ways. Encourage your local radio stations to use these downloadable files! Put them on your website!

Print PSAs

Encourage local newspapers to print these PSAs; various sizes and messages are available.

Economic Impact of Public Libraries
Still relevant, this 2006 economic impact research report produced by NorthStar Economics, Inc. of Madison showed the total economic contribution of Wisconsin public libraries is more than $750 million every year, with a return on investment in library services of $4.06 for each dollar of taxpayer investment.

Promotion Materials

PowerPoint templates and more to use in your presentations before civic groups. Or, use the step-by-step materials on holding a listening session to connect with state and local elected officials.