Library User Education Round Table

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What is User Education?

Also known as:
Library Orientation
Bibliographic Instruction
Library Instruction
Information Literacy

If you...

  • give library orientation tours
  • teach workshops at your library
  • teach library research skills
  • instruct a class of students or a group of users on using library resources
  • are involved in curriculum planning for information retrieval skills
  • create tutorials or use other instructional technologies to teach library research skills

...YOU are involved in user education and should consider joining LUERT!

What Does LUERT Do?

  • Provides a forum for all Wisconsin librarians interested in user education.
  • Assists libraries in developing a philosophy behind user education services.
  • Advances library instruction in all types of libraries for all users.
  • Initiates or sponsors knowledge and understanding of user education activities.
  • Explores the application and impact of new technology on user education services.
  • Promotes the awareness of the role of user education services.
  • Cooperates with other Wisconsin Library Association (WLA) sections, divisions and round tables in planning and implementing user education services.

Reasons You Should Join LUERT:

  1. To help shape the library user education programs offered at WLA conferences, including the general fall conference and annual division conferences.
  2. To learn from each other how we educate our users, across library types.
  3. To help shape library user education services, such as information literacy initiatives.

Who Can Join LUERT?

  • LUERT membership is open to any WLA member. As a new or renewing member, you can choose it as one of the two sections/round tables included with your dues or you may add it as an additional section for only $5.

How Can You Join?