Library Legislative Day

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Library Legislative Day - February 21, 2017

Concourse Hotel
One West Dayton Street
Madison, WI 53703

Latest Update: Parking is UNAVAILABLE at the Concourse. However, there are several city parking ramps with one being across the street from the hotel...check out the City of Madison Garages & Lots page; the State Street Capitol Garage is the closest (214 N. Carroll Street).

Documents Included in the Attendee Packets 

Documents of Interest but Not included in the Attendee Packets

WLA looks toward achieving some ambitious legislative goals over the next few years, and it has to start now.  It's all about building relationships with your legislators. 

"Many people think politics is all money.  In reality relationships and constituent activity are the true drivers of legislative change.  Fortunately, relationship building is what libraries do best - at Legislative Day and all year 'round."

Steven Conway, Government Relations Advisor WLA 


Remember that February 21 is also Spring Election Primary Day and the only statewide race is for an office that is very important to libraries: Superintendent of Public Instruction (DPI). LD&L will be gathering relevant statements from the three SSOPI candidates to share with the membership as soon as possible. Ballotpedia SSOPI race summary here.

If you’re attending Library Legislative Day and cannot return to your polling place before 8 PM on Election Day, you can either do In-Person (early) voting during the two weeks prior to the election, ending at 5 PM on Friday, February 17 OR request an absentee ballot from your municipal clerk by 5 PM on Thursday, February 16. For more information, go to


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Can't Come to Madison?

Virtual Library Legislative Day!

It is difficult for some library supporters to leave work for the day to attend Library Legislative Day. However, this doesn't diminish the need to have your voice heard at the Capitol.

If you can't drive to Madison for Library Legislative Day, we are asking you to participate in a Virtual Library Legislative Day.  On the day of the offical LLD, we are asking you to e-mail, call, or write your legislator. Not sure who that is? Go to WLA's CapWiz advocacy site and find out. All background information on key issues will be available online prior to LLD, so you'll be fully informed about the issues. You can also contact Lisa Strand, WLA Executive Director, if you'd like more information.

Watch for details about the next scheduled Library Legislative Day. If you can't make it in person, you can still make a difference for libraries!