2009 WLA/Proquest Intellectual Freedom Award Winner

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Staff and Friends of the West Bend Public Library

The staff and friends of The West Bend Public Library have been awarded the 2009 WLA/ProQuest Intellectual Freedom Award.  Specific recognition is given to Michael Tyree, Director of The West Bend Public Library, and Kristin Pekoll, Young Adult Librarian, as well as other West Bend staff, members of the Library Board, and supportive community members, especially blog creator Maria Hanrahan.  The nomination stated:

Together and via their unique roles, the staff, the Board, and the community members have been able to defend people’s right to read materials of their choosing — without barriers that prohibit access to information.  I am in awe of all that they’ve faced and in all that they’ve accomplished.  They are role models for us all.

 The Fall 2009 issue of the Intellectual Freedom Roundtable Newsletter noted:

"Going through any challenge requires commitment, professional integrity, and guts. It is a long mental and physical process, and with each day, a new commitment to the core values of intellectual freedom in our profession is required. Our colleagues met this challenge, and while this case may not be over, it is our hope that they can be proud of their actions and their firm standing in the face of strong controversy."