Foundation Committees

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  • Scholarship Committee, Jane Pearlmutter, Chair
  • Wisconsin Library Heritage Center, Paul Nelson, Chair
  • Summer Fundraising Event, Jen Gerber, Chair

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Planned Giving

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Leave a Legacy Through Planned Giving

Even if you are a person of modest means, you can have a lasting impact on the future of libraries by leaving a bequest or gift to the WLA Foundation. 

You may contribute a gift for a specific purpose or you may give a bequest for the unrestricted use of the WLA. Gifts may be of any type of asset, such as real estate, cash, stocks, vehicles, jewelry, insurance policies, or retirement accounts.

Notify WLAF of your planned gift now, via our online form.

Bequest Options
You have several options if you wish to include WLAF in your will, gifting any type of asset, such as real estate, cash, stocks, vehicles, or jewelry. These gifts are tax deductible for federal estate tax purposes.

You may also give a percentage of your estate. This option is useful since it may be difficult to determine the ultimate size of your estate. You can also give a residual bequest, wherein other terms of the will are satisfied before the gift to WLAF is made. This option can ensure that your loved ones are taken care of before charitable gifts are given.

Beneficiary gifts
You can easily provide a charitable contribution by naming WLAF as the beneficiary on your life insurance or retirement accounts. Because WLAF is exempt from paying federal income taxes, the full amount of the gift will be available for support of libraries.

Gifts of Other Assets
You may also benefit WLAF without a probate provision by simply naming the Foundation as a payment-on-death designee for certificates of deposit, a checking or savings account, or securities.

Correct Legal Name
Wisconsin Library Association Foundation, Inc.

Sample Wording for Bequests
For unrestricted requests: “I give to the Wisconsin Library Association Foundation, Inc., Madison, Wisconsin, _______ to be used for the Foundation’s general purposes and programs.”

You may also name a specific WLAF fund or program, if desired. Contact WLAF for more details.

This information is general in nature. There are many other charitable giving options related to your estate planning. WLAF is not engaged in rendering legal advice or tax advisory services. Advice from legal counsel knowledgeable about tax laws and estate planning should be sought before making any decisions about the matters described herein.

WLA Foundation

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To support the role of Wisconsin libraries as essential institutions


The WLA Foundation advances its mission by providing financial support for:

Your Support

All members of the WLA are automatically members of the WLA Foundation. However, each organization has a separate Board of Directors and is separately funded.

The support of all citizens who value libraries is important if the WLA Foundation is to carry out its mission.

Please support the WLA Foundation through annual giving, planned giving, major gifts, participating in special events, or a contribution in honor of a friend, relative, or colleague. Thank you!

Fundraising Special Events

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WLAF Silent Auction Get Lucky  560 x 315

This is your year to Get Lucky at the WLA Foundation Silent Auction! Don’t leave Potawatomi without winning one of the fantastic items in silent auction. Check out a few of last year’s popular items. The auction is a fun and social way to support Wisconsin libraries: proceeds benefit the WLA Foundation!

Shop the Auction in the Potawatomi Hotel & Casino Exhibit Hall during the 2016 WLA Conference:
Wednesday, October 26: 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Thursday, October 27: 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Auction closes at 3:30 p.m.; pick up and pay from 3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Payment options include cash, check or credit card. The popular Buy It Now option will be available!

Please consider donating an item to the auction (The silent auction relies on donations from WLA members and friends!).

How to donate: Just fill out our brief online submission form:

FAQ: What should I donate?

  • Themed baskets
  • Fine arts, including jewelry, yarn & fabric creations, paintings, pottery
  • Products or services
  • Entertainment, restaurant or hotel packages
  • Collectibles, antiques and memorabilia
  • Gourmet treats, like beer and chocolate
  • Items valued at $50 or higher in value are encouraged

FAQ: Will my donation be tax-deductible?

  • Yes, donated items are tax-deductible as charitable contributions at their actual value:
    • WLA will mail receipts to all contributors after completion of the auction
    • WLA Foundation owns the items once contributed

FAQ: How will donors be acknowledged?

  • On the item’s bid sheet and on the receipt provided to the winning bidder
  • On the WLA Website
  • On WLA and WLA Conference social media
  • On the Poster at the Silent Auction
  • (Or you can choose to remain anonymous if you prefer)

Please let us know if you have further questions about donating to / shopping at the Silent Auction. Thank you so much for supporting the WLA Foundation & Wisconsin libraries!

Kristina Gomez and Dawn Haggerty
2016 WLA Foundation Silent Auction Co-Chairs


Wisconsin Library Association Foundation’s 1stAnnual Hawaiian Luau

Special Thanks To Our Sponsors and Contributors



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