The Committee

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The committee has worked hard to create a great conference for you!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them directly or send an email to

Take a look at this poster so you can recognize members of the committee when you run into them at the Kalahari!

Conference Committee Chair
Laurie Freund
Waukesha County Federated Library System 

Conference Committee Co-Chair
Ben Miller
Sauk City Public Library 

Book Signings Chair
Katharine Clark
Madison Public Library

Booklet Chair
Desiree Bongers
Ripon Public Library 

Conference Partnerships Chair
Jessica Williams
Mount Horeb Public Library 

Exhibits Co-Chairs
Laura Damon-Moore
Eager Free Public Library

Cindy Fesemyer
Columbus Public Library

Exhibits Vendor Representatives
Matthew Kopyar
Quality Books

Jim Schwieters

Local Arrangements Co-Chairs
Sue Ann Kucher
Reedsburg Public Library

Jennifer Endres Way
Ruth Culver Community Library

Partnership Chair
Jessica Williams
Mount Horeb Public Library 

Program Co-Chairs
Sheila Stoeckel
UW-Madison Memorial Library 

Heather Weltin
UW-Madison Memorial Library 

Publicity Co-Chairs
Nita Burke

Melissa Rader
Delafied Public Library

Registration Co-Chairs
Vince Mussehl
Chippewa Valley Technical College

Katie Tvaruzka
UW-Eau Claire McInyre Library  

Technology/Equipment Chair
Joshua Zimmerman
UW-Madison Libraries