Programs - Friday

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7:00AM - 11:00AM


KI Convention Center Lobby

7:00AM - 8:00AM

runningbookworm1 1Bookin' It 5K Fun Run


Meet in Rotunda in KI Convention Center.

Want to incorporate a little physical activity into your conference visit this year? Sign up for the Bookin’ It 5K Fun Run and Walk! Registration is $10 in advance and $15 on race day. All participants will receive a T-shirt – register in advance to guarantee your size. Registration will be made available online soon. See you there!

7:00AM - 8:30AM

Continental Breakfast

Hyatt on Main - Atrium

8:30AM - 11:30AM Start to Finish Sessions

Designing a Successful Digital Project

KI Convention Center - Ballroom A2

Emily Pfotenhauer, Recollection Wisconsin Program Manager, WiLS
Sarah Grimm, Electronic Records Archivist, Wisconsin Historical Society

In this workshop, we will examine the key elements of planning a successful, sustainable digitization project. Topics will include selecting materials, copyright issues, a discussion of file formats and scanning standards, methods for naming and organizing your information, storage options, and access considerations. Participants will come away with a draft digitization plan they can use to start sharing historic photographs or other archival materials online.

Games and Gaming in the Library

KI Convention Center - Ballroom A3

Hans Kishel, Research & Instruction Librarian, McIntyre Library, UW-Eau Claire

Think all board games are Monopoly and Candyland? Through this program, library professionals will get hands-on experience with board game collections. Using games you may be unfamiliar with, such as Pandemic, High Frontier, or Dominant Species, we will talk about how different library patrons can use games for learning. Then we will play actual board games (to be provided by the presenter)! Participants will gain experience with games appropriate for many audiences, including English as a second language learners, K-12 students in traditional or home school, college students, history buffs, and more! This program will be fun and it will enable conference goers to return to their libraries ready to take the plunge into creating or expanding their library board game collections.

Mini High Speed Broadband Bootcamp

KI Convention Center - Ballroom A1

Maria Alvarez Stroud, Director, UW-Extension Center for Community Technology Solutions
Gus Falkenberg, Library Services Consultant, Indianhead Federated Library System
Jill Hietpas, Regional Broadband Educator, Center for Community Technology Solutions
Erin Gitchell, Library Assistant, Menomonie Public Library

It's changing the way we do business: not just in libraries but everywhere. From online banking to job hunting, it is changing the way we live. Simply put, broadband is about connections. You probably know that it is about connecting people to education, goods, services and other people, but did you know that it's also about connecting with the people in your community? We explore how you can make those connections and collaborate on broadband activities in your libraries. We'll give you options for putting the best, most cost-effective infrastructure in place, setting priorities within a limited budget and forging relationships within the community. Throughout the presentation we will highlight technology applications and best practices with lots of hands on and group activities so participants get to experience some of the ways technology is being used to inform, educate and engage.

Planning a Capital Campaign?

KI Breakout Center - Room 7

Boris Frank, President, Boris Frank Associates

This seminar delves in to best practices in conducting a library capital fund drive.

  • Turning vision into reality - long range and strategic planning; the "Library of the Future"
  • Roles of the Library Board, Friends of the Library and the Library Foundation
  • Role of the architect in the campaign
  • Referendum planning
  • Fundraising feasibility study
  • Campaign plan and strategy
  • Campaign leadership; volunteer recruitment and training
  • Staffing the campaign
  • Administration; financial management; office procedures
  • Prospects; corporate and foundation giving; individual prospects; government funding
  • Campaign materials; marketing the campaign
  • Donor recognition

Examples and samples from other campaigns will be presented.

We Buy Ugly Houses Data

KI Breakout Center - Auditorium

Kathryn Mlsna, Medical College of Wisconsin
Steve Heser, Library Systems Administrator, Milwaukee County Federated Library System
Gerri Moeller, Library Automation Manager, Outagamie Waupaca Library System

Bring us the data, charts, and graphs that you present to others. We'll show you some of the things we've done with ours. Then we'll take a look at yours and provide ideas for making it more visually impactful. You’ve freaked out. Now geek out. We promise you won’t want to sneak out.

8:30AM - 9:15AM Program Track Sessions

Collaborations In Faculty Technology Training: An Academic Library's Role In the Changing Educational Technology Landscape

KI Breakout Center - Room 5A-B

Track: Programming & Instruction

Gretel Stock-Kupperman, Director, Todd Wehr Memorial Library, Viterbo University

The Todd Wehr Memorial Library at Viterbo University has expanded its role in faculty training through a variety of initiatives and opportunities. Efforts evolved from stand-alone workshops to a faculty iPad initiative to taking on management of instructional design and support services. Participants will take away best practices for collaborating on faculty technology training with campus constituents, and will gain an appreciation for how academic libraries can position themselves in the world of MOOCs, flipped classrooms, and open source instructional content.

MacGyver Librarians: Off the Grid!

KI Convention Center - Ballroom A4

Track: Technology & Digital Services

Jon Mark Bolthouse, Director, Fond du Lac Public Library
Chris Grugel, Instructional Services Supervisor, Carthage College

Practical applications, tools, and devices to help you and your patrons go greener as well as survive the Zombie Apocalypse! If you happened to sleep through the Doomsday Preppers class in Library School, never fear: Wisconsin's own MacGyver Guys are here to help you out. Please join Chris and Jon Mark for an always entertaining, always informative session that will answer your questions on alternative energy solutions for your library, how long you can run a refrigerator using your Prius, and just how many MREs your average page can eat in a week.

NOTE: This session continues into the following session time for double the pleasure!

Sciency Fiction: Not Just the Facts

KI Breakout Center - Room 6A-B

Track: Back to the Book

Jacqueline Houtman, Author

Sciency Fiction is fiction in which accurate, non-speculative current science is integral to the story. It can be a bridge to fictional narrative for those students who read primarily non-fiction and a bridge to science for those who prefer novels. I’ll share some examples of sciency fiction for children and talk about how authors include science in their fiction.

Sustainability On a Shoestring

KI Breakout Center - Room 1

Track: Potpourri

Curt Beyler, Library Facilities Manager, Brown County Library
Lynn Stainbrook, Director, Brown County Library
Clare Kindt, Supervisor, Kress Family Branch, Brown County Library 

Over the last five years, the Brown County Library has made sustainability a priority in decision-making about buildings and services. Between the creation of the Sustainability Learning Center at the Kress Family Branch, and implementation of a wide range of energy conservation methods, many supported by grant funding, the Library has highlighted our environmental impact while finding substantial budget savings.

9:30AM - 10:15AM Program Track Sessions

At the Movies with Librarians II: Read Harder

KI Breakout Center - Room 5A-B

Track: Back to the Book

Brett Rohlwing, Librarian, Milwaukee Public Library
Amber McCrea, Director, Aram Public Library, Delevan, WI
Sherry Machones, Director, Edgerton Public Library
Stacey Lunsford, Director, Irvin L. Young Memorial Library, Whitewater, WI 
Stephanie Reister, Children's Librarian, Germantown Community Library

In a repeat performance, librarians from across the state will discuss popular books that will soon be coming out in movie form in late 2013-2014. How well will these books translate to the silver screen? What are we looking forward to seeing? What parts of these books are seemingly unfilmable? Come join us as we watch the trailers for these movies, eat some popcorn, and talk about these great books!

MacGyver Librarians: Off the Grid! (continued from previous session time for double the pleasure!)

KI Convention Center - Ballroom A4

Track: Technology & Digital Services

Jon Mark Bolthouse, Director, Fond du Lac Public Library
Chris Grugel, Instructional Services Supervisor, Carthage College

Practical applications, tools, and devices to help you and your patrons go greener as well as survive the Zombie Apocalypse! If you happened to sleep through the Doomsday Preppers class in Library School, never fear: Wisconsin's own MacGyver Guys are here to help you out. Please join Chris and Jon Mark for an always entertaining, always informative session that will answer your questions on alternative energy solutions for your library, how long you can run a refrigerator using your Prius, and just how many MREs your average page can eat in a week.

Talk WITH the Hand: Using Puppets in Storytime

KI Breakout Center - Room 6A-B

Track: Programming & Instruction

Kent Barnard, Director, Patterson Memorial Library, Wild Rose, WI
Erin Kant, Librarian, Wautoma Public Library
Valerie Mattair, Youth Services Supervisor, Oshkosh Public Library
Members of the Wisconsin Puppetry Guild 

Puppetry is one of the oldest forms of entertainment in the world, loved by millions, performed by thousands, and it is one of the easiest ways to engage children (and adults) at Storytime. Puppets are also invaluable as an early literacy tool. Children love puppets and definitely learn from them (e.g. Sesame Street).

Puppetry, just as in almost anything, can be done “on the cheap” or “like a Rockefeller.” Puppets can be the simplest form (ala Senor Wences) or they can be intricate and very expensive (ventriloquist dummies can cost thousands). The same goes for Puppet Stages – you don’t have to have a stage for many types of puppets at all! For others, you probably have the equipment you need right now to create an inexpensive puppet “stage”.

The presentation will feature:

  • Different types of puppets and styles of puppetry 
  • Getting over your fear of performing with puppets 
  • The dreaded budget questions! (and answers) 
  • Simple use as an Emcee 
  • Simple use to introduce different 
  • Early Literacy Skills 
  • Writing simple puppet plays 
  • How to make a $25.00 puppet stage (or even less!) 
  • Ideas for kid’s make your own puppets! (plans, recipes, etc.) 
  • Q & A

Your Collections Are Tidy, But How About Your Desk? Organization in the Library

KI Breakout Center - Room 1

Track: Potpourri

Dawn Lauber, Public Service Area Manager, Milwaukee Public Library
Chris Gawronski, Library Branch Manager - Bay View Library, Milwaukee Public Library
Casey Lapworth, Librarian I, Milwaukee Public Library
Megan Hawley Steinfeld, Librarian II, Milwaukee Public Library

Organization of information may be our specialty, but it doesn't always translate to our buildings and work areas. Members of Milwaukee Public Library’s workplace organization committee will share their experience addressing this common challenge by developing and implementing a system for workplace organization. Discover how to tackle organizational challenges from identifying problem areas and goals, to communicating objectives, to finding solutions and making sure that the change is lasting. Get tips for evaluating, de-cluttering, and organizing your work space and buildings, suggested tools and supplies to get the job done, and tons of before and after pictures. The result? A welcoming, appealing, and stimulating environment for patrons, and a professional, efficient work environment for staff.

10:15AM - 10:45AM

No conflict time for schmoozing or checking out of your hotel room.

10:45AM - 11:30AM Program Track Sessions

American Factfinder & the U.S. Census

KI Breakout Center - Room 1

Track: Technology & Digital Services

David Egan-Robertson, Demographic Specialist, UW-Madison Applied Population Laboratory

American Fact Finder has been the primary tool for finding U.S. Census information since the 1990 census, but the database has undergone significant changes in the past few years. This program will teach participants the ins and outs of the new American Fact Finder and the U.S. Census generally.

NOTE: The Wisconsin Distinguished Document Award will be presented at this session. Congratulations to our award winner!

Books and Brews

KI Convention Center - Ballroom A4

Track: Programming & Instruction

Sherry Machones, Library Director, Memorial Library, Wild Rose, WI
Jeni Schomber, Head of Youth Services, Beloit Public Library
Amber McCrea, Library Director, Aram Public Library
Laura Rose, Librarian, Marshall Public Library 

Do you want to mix business with pleasure? In the library there are plenty of ways to do so! This panel presentation will give you ideas on how to incorporate drinking into you and your patrons reading! Everything from drinking themed programs to drinking games from books to drinks named after books. This program will be beneficial (FUN!) for you whether you are drinking margaritas or milkshakes!

Picturing a New Way to Find Children's Books

KI Breakout Center - Room 6A-B

Track: Potpourri

Kathleen Larson, Youth Services Librarian, Bloomer Public Library

Librarians across the country have been rearranging their libraries into different organization schemes to help their patrons browse for books. Find out how a Wisconsin librarian incorporated non-fiction into her picture book collection and rearranged them all into large sections based on major categories. The process and early results will be presented with time for questions and answers at the end.

Solving the Lindbergh Kidnapping

KI Breakout Center - Room 5A-B

Track: Back to the Book

Adam Schrager, Author

"The Sixteenth Rail" looks in depth at the work of Arthur Koehler, a mild-mannered forensic scientist who helped solve the twentieth century's greatest crime. Called the Sherlock Holmes of his era, Koehler's diligence led police to connect the ladder used in the kidnapping with the culprit. Adam Schrager's new book is a must for fans of "CSI" and "NCIS."

11:45AM - 1:00PM

MichaelPerry2Author Luncheon Series: Michael Perry

KI Convention Center - Meeting Room B1-3

Writing from the Middle of Nowhere

Those of us who live far from "the Coasts" often feel as if we are in "the middle of nowhere" in every sense. In this keynote presentation, New York Times bestselling author and humorist Michael Perry will discuss how the challenges of living in—and writing from—"the middle of nowhere" can be the most powerful writing resource of all.

Michael Perry is Wisconsin's own! Perry’s bestselling memoirs include Population 485, Truck: A Love Story, Coop, and Visiting Tom. Raised on a small Midwestern dairy farm, Perry put himself through nursing school while working on a ranch in Wyoming, then wound up writing by happy accident. He lives with his wife and two daughters in rural Wisconsin, where he serves on the local volunteer fire and rescue service and is an amateur pig farmer.

NOTE: The Paralibrarian of the Year award will be presented to Jan Holmes at the luncheon. Congratulations, Jan!

1:30PM - 3:30PM

Meet the Mulva Studio

Drop in for a tour of the Miriam B. & James J. Mulva Library's newly completed (August 2013) lower level at St. Norbert College. Library staff will provide tours of this exciting, new space, the Mulva Studio, and provide hands-on opportunities with its innovative, state of the art technology. After your tour of the lower level, we welcome you to spend some time investigating this four-year-old library in its entirety. Check out Meet the Mulva Studio on YouTube to see what it's all about. (No transportation is provided from the Conference Center to the College. Stop by on your way into Green Bay!)

St. Norbert College
100 Grant Street
De Pere, WI 54115