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New at WLA 2013 – The Consultants Fishbowl*

What is it?

An opportunity for you to spend 25 minutes getting in-depth advice from one of the talented consultants/vendors participating in our conference.

How does it work?

Sign up today for a 25-minute consulting block to discuss your project or question with a professional. The consultant will share their knowledge with you.   

Who are the consultants?  What can they help with?

The following consultants will be in the Fishbowl:

Wednesday, 11:00 - 12:00

Bryan Murray will be sharing his expertise in mobile apps for libraries, including the benefits of gaining visibility into mobile app usage and eContent consumption trends from your Library's App.

About Boopsie...

Boopsie provides custom branded mobile apps for libraries to over 2500 public and academic libraries worldwide, including the great app for our conference!!

Engberg Anderson
Thursday, 2:30 - 3:30

Bill Robison will be sharing his expertise.  He's available to discuss all aspects of library planning design and construction for communities and facilities of all sizes.  Ideas for expansion and reconfiguration, relocation and new construction, including strategies for programming, public funding and fundraising.  While he can't say they have seen and done it all, they have come close, and are available to help you imagine and deliver great things for your library, and to support your efforts to get there.

About Engberg Anderson...
Engberg Anderson is a 35 person Architecture/Interiors firm with offices in Milwaukee, Madison and Tucson, specializing in Library design of new buildings, expansions and remodels throughout Wisconsin, the Midwest and the US.  With over 100 completed projects to date, our high-performance, technologically advanced, and environmentally sensitive, projects are sources of community inspiration and pride. 

Thursday, 11:00 - 12:00

Gregg Baum and Kevin Eipperle will be sharing expertise on developing needs assessment/programming, site selection, design for remodeling existing and new library buildings, library furnishings, and funding strategies.

About FEH....

FEH Associates Inc. provides Architecture, Structural Engineering and Interior Design services as part of our multi-disciplinary approach to provide you with a complete Library design team.  With offices in Des Moines, Dubuque and Sioux City, Iowa and Delafield, Wisconsin, we provide design services regionally throughout Iowa and Wisconsin and into the surrounding states (and beyond) for a wide range of project types and size. With more than a century of experience, FEH has encountered most any type and variation of project there might be.  Whether you are contemplating a new building on a new site, an interior remodeling, historic preservation, re-purposing an existing structure or an addition and remodeling project, you can be assured we have the experience to successfully lead you through this process.  From the very small to the very large, we have a portfolio of diverse projects that range from the tens of thousands to the tens of millions of dollars.

Library Planning Associates, Inc.
Wednesday, 1:00 - 2:00

Anders Dahlgren, President, will be sharing his expertise.  Since 1998, he has pursued LPA full-time. Prior to that, he was the planning and building consultant for the WI state library agency. Prior to THAT, he was a library director, department head, and reference librarian.

He is ready to discuss long-range planning efforts, particularly those in advance of a building project.  

About Library Planning Associates, Inc....

LPA was formed in 1984 and offers support for long-range planning efforts, usually though not always in advance of a building project. Among the types of studies we typically conduct are long-range planning studies, service and space needs assessments, building program development, assistance with architect selection, assistance with site selection, and plan review.

Library Strategies Consulting Group
Thursday, 1:00 - 2:00

Stu Wilson, former executive director of the Friends/foundation of the Hennepin County Library (Minneapolis) and vice president of The Friends of the Saint Paul Public Library will be sharing his expertise.

He'd be happy to discuss all aspects of library fundraising and development, including capital campaigns; strategic planning processes and options; Friends and foundation growth, conflicts and mergers; advocacy; or adult programming.

About Library Strategies...

Library Strategies is the consulting group of The Friends of the Saint Paul Public Library.  Part of a non-profit library Friends/foundation, Library Strategies focuses solely on consulting to libraries.  With a stable of affiliated, experienced consultants, Library Strategies is a full-service consulting group, with specific expertise in fundraising and development, strategic planning, Friends and foundation development, capital campaigns and building projects, advocacy and training. 

Today's Business Solutions
Thursday, 10:00 - 11:00

Nathan Handlon will be sharing his expertise, and would be happy to discuss modern software and hardware solutions to keep up with today’s changing library dynamics and the latest technologies to improve the patron experience; implementation/updating/streamlining of mobile printing, print management, and/or computer reservation; smartphone and tablet solutions; user friendly and simple scanning solutions; green solutions.

About TBS...

TBS provides high-tech library solutions that enhance the patron experience, including: computer reservation, mobile printing, mobile device dispensing, print management, bookscan stations and point of sale systems.

How do I sign up?

Fill out this form.  Answer all of the questions. We'll schedule your appointment.


*The “fishbowl” refers to the space where this will be held, which looks like…well…a fishbowl. It does not mean that consultants or attendees will be trapped, put in water, or fed stinky fishfood.