Tuesday 11/1

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9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

♦ Tell Me What Democracy Looks Like

    Hilton -

Sponsored by Center for Information Policy Research, UW-Milwaukee School of Information Studies, and WLA Intellectual Freedom Round Table

Pre-registration required.  Fee: $25  

When a library confronts an intellectual freedom challenge, who are the players involved, what are their interests and where do we stand?.  This pre-conference will explore the motivations of such groups as Family Friendly Libraries, local politicians and the American Library Association.

Perspectives on intellectual freedom issues will be offered by:

Barb Dieter, past president, Board of Directors, West Bend Community Memorial Library

Barbara Jones, Director, Office of Intellectual Freedom, ALA, Chicago

Sandra Braman, Professor, Department of Communications, UW-Milwaukee, and author of the book Change of State: Information, Policy, and Power (2006, MIT Press);

Loretta Gaffney,a Ph.D. candidate in Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois, who researches the politics of reading, censorship and youth librarianship

Joyce M. Latham, Assistant Professor, UW-Milwaukee, whose research and teaching focus is on the history and current practice of intellectual freedom and professional authority

If you have an intellectual freedom case to discuss, you can bring it to the pre-conference or email latham@uwm.edu with your case ahead of time.

1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

♦ Leading Through Communication

   Hilton - Regency

Sponsored by WeLead

Pre-registration required.  Fee:  $45 members / $55 non-members

Christine Butterfield, Leadership Coach, Milwaukee

Have you ever encountered a colleague who consistently misconstrues what you said?  Do you wish you knew how best to convince or persuade someone?  When things are stressful at the office, do you wonder if there's a way to reduce tension?

The ability to communicate effectively with a diverse range of people is an essential skill for all successful leaders.  In this workshop, Chris will guide participants through a program (developed by the TRACOM Group) to help them discover their social style, how it reflects their personality and behavior, and the impact their style has on the perceptions of others.  In addition to identifying their own style, attendees will learn to recognize others' social styles, understand how different styles react under stress, and adapt their behavior to decrease tension and increase productivity.

Please join us for a fun and engaging session exploring the Social Styles model and its impact on interpersonal effectiveness.  Participants will use role playing to practice communication strategies and, by the end of the session, create a Social Style Action Plan for addressing issues in key relationships.

Christine Butterfield is an executive leadership coach and business consultant.  She brings over 20 years of experience to her work with executives and their teams. Chris helps leaders increase their personal effectiveness and works with them to maximize their ability to achieve results.  Her clients include AT&T, Time Warner Telecom, Sherman Hospital and the Safer Foundation.


♦ Lightning Fast Succession Planning
   Hilton - Walker

Sponsored by the WLA Foundation

Pre-registration required.  Fee:  $49

As a result of changes to compensation packages and with many employees approaching retirement age, unprecedented numbers of experienced library workers are leaving their institutions. Sometimes, they leave without much notice and take knowledge about work processes and institutional culture with them! If you’re like many organizations, you’ve never really planned for that loss. Succession planning is a key part of effective library management, and provides a good opportunity to align positions with the strategic goals of the organization. In this pre-conference workshop, you’ll learn effective strategies for dealing with the loss of key staff members, whether you have lot of notice or very little.  On-the-job journaling, using wikis for templates and knowledge management, exit interviewing, and cross-training are just some of the ideas we’ll discuss to help you preserve the institutional knowledge of your key workers.


3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

♦ Registration

   Hilton -

4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

♦ Vendor Reception

   Hilton - Regency

Join us for a kickoff reception with hors d’ oeuvres and a cash bar, and take some time to meet and greet your colleagues and WLA members.

♦ Wisconsin Association of Public Libraries Board Meeting 

   Hilton - MacArthur

6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

♦ Wisconsin Library Association Board Meeting

   HIlton - Oak