Friday 11/5

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7:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.


    Kalahari Convention Center - North Atrium

7:00 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. 

Deluxe Continental Breakfast

7:00 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. 

Outreach Services Round Table Business Meeting
     Suite III

8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Internet Café

8:45 a.m. - 10 a.m. 

10 Questions to Ask Before You Think About Building or

   Renovating Your Library


Hugh Anderson, Attorney, Cross Plains, WI; Kendall McWilliams, Construction Manager, J. P. Cullen & Sons, Brookfield, WI; and Mike Gelhausen, Library Director, Jack Russell Memorial Library, Hartford, WI

This session will take an interactive, comprehensive look at the entire construction process and the specific questions which should be addressed before undertaking a building/renovating project. The panelists will also discuss lessons learned from past projects. Hugh Anderson will highlight the current laws and the rights a library has when selecting a delivery system. Kendall McWilliams, who is also LEED certified, will provide information on green options, cost management, schedule impact, potential savings, risk management, staff time, and resource investment. Mike Gelhausen will provide insights from his experience as a library director raising funds and working with community groups. He will also discuss how to select an architect, how to work effectively with city officials, the responsibilities of a library board, and how they may affect the process.  

Accessing and Promoting Spanish Language Children's


    Suite III


Julie Kline, Academic Outreach and Program Coordinator, CLACS, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Mayra Sánchez Negrón, Library Media Specialist and Instructional Technology Leader, Milwaukee Public Schools; Amy Baumgart, Teacher Librarian/Instructional Technology Leader, Allen-Field Elementary, Milwaukee Public Schools

Amy Baumgart and Mayra Negrón participated in a Fulbright-Hays Group Project, "Chile y la Literatura Infantil y Juvenil" sponsored by the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS), University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee during the summer of 2008. The program, based in Santiago, Chile, focused on Spanish-language children's and YA literature. Julie Kline will share Spanish language literature recognized by the Américas Award for Children's and Young Adult Literature, sponsored by the national Consortium of Latin American Studies  Programs (CLASP) and coordinated by CLACS. Participants will become aware of the availability and use of authentic texts, both for second language learners and for heritage speakers. The presenters will share a variety of book titles, potential publishers and vendors for acquisition, and valuable Spanish language websites for librarians, parents and teachers.

The Changing Landscapes of Wisconsin: A Digital Archive of

    Historic Aerial Photographs


Jamie Stoltenberg, Robinson Map Library, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Leah Ujda, University of Wisconsin Digital Collections Center, Madison

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has an unparalleled collection of historic aerial photos including a very rare and nearly-complete collection of the oldest aerial photos of the state, taken by the USDA from 1937-1941. This collection is in constant demand by a wide-range of clients because it is the oldest systematic aerial survey of the State and has become a "baseline" for understanding changes to Wisconsin over the past seventy years. There are two major problems with this collection, however: (1) the physical media are fragile and cannot be replaced (thus they can never leave the library), and (2) as a result, access to these photos is difficult at best and the demand to use them significantly exceeds their availability. In a collaborative effort, the University of Wisconsin Digital Collections Center, the Robinson Map Library, the State Cartographer's Office, and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation received a three-year grant to scan and geo-reference this collection and build a Web portal so images can be searched and downloaded by the general public. This presentation discusses the project in detail, including: (a) the design and implementation of the metadata schema and record creation process, (b) scanning and post processing, (c) how Geographic Information Systems (GIS) facilitates photo indexing, and (d) what the final Web interface will look like.

Communication: An Everyday Adventure!

    Suite VI

Gail Johnson and Pam Parr, Face to Face Communications and Training, Inc.

In a world where communication is ubiquitous, instantaneous, and 24/7/365, miscommunication has become an epidemic. This engaging and interactive workshop will explore communication - with a twist. As clear, honest, and open communication rises, so does productivity. Participants will have fun dissecting the reasons for communication sinkholes. Participants will learn to say what they mean with confidence and, as a result, get what they want.

Grammar, Usage, and Style for Librarians and Reluctant Writers

   and Editors


JoAnne Lehman, Senior Editor, Office of the Women's Studies Librarian, University of Wisconsin System

Even without "writer" or "editor" in their job titles, librarians can spend a lot of time at work doing both - everything from writing press releases and grant proposals to editing annual reports and fund-raising appeals. And, if they're human, they can struggle with questions of grammar, usage, and style. The presenter, a senior editor, offers a tour of resources from books to blogs, with an emphasis on those that are free, online, and easy to use, and demonstrates their use in resolving some common dilemmas. Attend this session and no longer be stranded in the wilderness of misplaced modifiers, homonyms, sentence fragments, and verb tenses.

Flock to the Library for a Raptor Encounter


Ellen Schneiderman, Schlitz Audubon Nature Center, Bayside, WI

Ellen Schneiderman from the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center’s Sky Hunters Birds of Prey Program, will  inspire and enlighten with her contingent of feathered ambassadors. Unique in the state of Wisconsin, the Sky Hunter team of fourteen amazing hawks, owls, falcons, eagles, and turkey vultures open the door to the natural world and make learning a personal experience. Ellen will discuss and demonstrate a range of programming options from pre-school story time to adult book clubs; Sky Hunters truly offers something for everyone and nothing engages an audience like these majestic birds!

Social Tagging in the Library: User-Generated Content,

   Folksonomies, and the Library Catalog


Scott McFadden, Head of Serials Cataloging, University Libraries, Ball State University, Muncie, IN

Social tagging – the application of non-hierarchical keywords to a resource – is gaining visibility through such popular applications as, Flickr, and citeulike. Can libraries incorporate this new user-generated approach into their missions, without sacrificing the benefits of controlled vocabulary and traditional catalog rules? This presentation examines the practices of several libraries, both academic and public, and explores ways in which social tagging can help libraries meet the needs of the current generation of users.

Wisconsin Koha Enthusiasts User Group Meeting


Vicki Teal Lovely, ILS Project Manager, South Central Library System  

A user group for those using Koha or interested in Koha.  Koha is an open source Integrated Library System. This group is also known as WisKE.

Wisconsin Libraries Say Cheese --- Again! Using Pictures to Tell

   the Library Story


Howard Burfeind, Ellsworth School Media Director, Ellsworth Community Schools; Pete Gilbert, Director, Seeley G. Mudd Library, Lawrence University, Appleton; Gisela Newbegin, Assistant Director, DeForest Area Public Library; Anne Rauh, Librarian, Kurt F. Wendt Library, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Teri Talpe, Special Collections & Area Research, Murphy Library, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

The Campaign for Wisconsin Libraries, a program of the WLA Foundation, is once again sponsoring the very successful Wisconsin Libraries Say Cheese! This panel wants to show the world the business - and the busy-ness - of libraries. By enlisting the Wisconsin library community to post snapshots online, the Campaign will showcase the rich and varied services offered in libraries of all types across the state.  Attend this program and learn how to include your library’s story – in pictures! The presenters will also give an update on other campaign activities.

10:45 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. 

Adventures in Space Design: A Creative Process for Designing

   Library Spaces that Meet the Evolving Needs of Our Users and



Steve Frye, Head of Reference Services, College Library, UW-Madison; Carrie Kruse, Director, College Library, UW-Madison; Dave Luke, Associate Director of Library Technology, UW-Madison  

This presentation offers a space design process that involves understanding both library needs and library users’ needs, testing plans with make-shift prototype designs, and creating spaces that are characterized by flexibility and sustainability. Engage with multiple perspectives representing user needs, library service needs and operations management, and experience examples from a recent redesign project which involved reference services, circulation services, reserves, campus student services, collection management, and student computing needs.

“Circuit Rider”: Julia Wright Merrill and Public Library Extension,

     1926 – 1944


Joyce Latham, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee  

Julia Wright Merrill was the first advocate for public library “extension” services within the American Library Association. During her time at ALA, from 1925 to 1945, she provided the foundation for what is now the Public Library Association. A graduate of the University of Illinois, she worked as a public librarian for the Wisconsin Free Library Commission and in Ohio, her home state, before moving to ALA.  She had a reputation as a quiet but committed advocate for libraries, was well-liked and well respected, but consistently overshadowed by Carl Milam, the executive secretary of the association. Given the financial limitations on the ALA during this time, she often functioned as his number two, serving as the Acting Executive Secretary while he was away. Lists of great women in librarianship often fail to recognize her contributions, however, and her listing in the Dictionary of American Library Biography is minimal. Merrill did leave behind an extremely detailed and extensive record of library development in the twenties and thirties, housed in the American Library Association Archives, and her coordination of ourtreach services provide significant clues to the ideological influences on the development of public libraries in North America. It also documents the incredible energy and commitment she brought to the profession.

Fun With FD Sys: a New, Improved Way to Find Online Federal

   Government Information

    Suite III

Beth Harper, Government Documents Reference Librarian, Memorial Library, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Learn about the United States Government Printing Office’s new digital system, FD Sys.  This system, introduced to the public in 2009, improves upon and replaces GPO Access.  FD Sys provides access to many of the most-requested government titles, including the Federal Register, the Congressional Record, the U.S. Budget, and Compilation of Presidential Documents, as well as Congressional bills and documents.  When called upon to assist patrons with questions about government documents, this is a tool to know. This demonstration will cover the scope of FD Sys and the basics of searching and retrieval.     

Get to Know the Wisconsin Center for the Book


Don Johnson, Vice President of the Wisconsin Center for the Book, former senior editor emeritus and former Library Communications Director at UW-Madison. He and his wife, Debra Wilcox Johnson, have owned Johnson & Johnson Consulting in Waunakee for 17 years; Kate Thompson, President of Wisconsin Center for the Book and Senior Editor, Wisconsin Historical Society Press

The Wisconsin Center for the Book celebrates Wisconsin readers and writers with programs and literary events throughout the state. Members of the WCB board of directors will describe this all-volunteer group and its programs, including Writers and Illustrators Speak (grant program bringing writers and illustrators to several Wisconsin communities each year) and Letters about Literature (national writing contest for students in grades 4–12). Plus, get a sneak peak at the WCB’s new program, launching in 2011! The WCB is an affiliate of the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress and with Woodland Pattern Book Center, Milwaukee. For more information, visit

In the Trenches: Media Wars 


Jay Rath, Author, journalist, media consultant

Mr. Rath presents a funny (and alarming) look at the war between traditional and new media. Business models for newspapers, magazines and books are falling before Facebook, Kindle and Twitter—but are today’s electronic print media also in danger? If no one is willing to pay for content, who will generate it in the future? And, as the pace of change continues to accelerate, what media conduits are on the horizon? Do these changes present a cultural threat, or is society merely exiting a historically brief period of mass-readership and “objective” journalism? The speaker has researched and written extensively on media trends and has contributed to MTV, National Public Radio, The Onion, and a variety of newspapers and magazines.

The LINKcat Raft on the Koha River Rapids 


Vicki Teal Lovely, ILS Project Manager, South Central Library System

In April 2009, the LINKcat libraries of the South Central Library system selected Koha as their next generation Integrated Library System (ILS).  SCLS contracted with LibLime for data migration, hosted services, setup, training and software development.  LINKcat2.0 is slated to go live September 7, 2010.  Vicki Teal Lovely will describe how this foray into Open Source ILS software has been an adventure akin to a whitewater river rapids ride, but with a guide.

Managing Your Online Identity 


Rebecca Buchman, Director, Black Creek Village Library; Brett Rohlwing, Webmaster,; and Tasha Saecker, Director, Menasha Public Library

In this day and age, when you can lose your job over the content of your blog, it is important to know what the Internet is saying about you. This is especially true for job seekers, because employers are increasingly using Google and other search engines to investigate potential job candidates. The speakers will discuss not only how to use social media to control your web presence, but also ways to use the web to set yourself apart from other candidates. Successfully use the web to jumpstart your career!

Resource Sharing Among Wisconsin Public Libraries


Christine Barth, RL&LL, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction; Martha Farley Berninger, RL&LL, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction; Charles Clemence, Winding Rivers Library System; Bob Shaw, WiLS; and Maureen
, Indianhead Library System

This session offers a panel discussion of resource sharing practices and patterns among Wisconsin’s public libraries.Representatives of the Reference and Loan Library, WiLS, and Winding Rivers Library System, will share their viewpoints on the best practices in resource sharing. The panel will describe some of the functional and procedural models currently in place and discuss the workflow and customer service ramifications of those models. Attendees are encouraged to share their experiences and their feedback on the efficacy of the resource sharing practices now in place in the state.    

Take this Job and LOVE It!

    Suite VI

Gail Johnson & Pam Parr

Gail Johnson and Pam Parr, Face to Face Communications and Training, Inc.

Wanna be happier? Wanna make the most of every day? Wanna get excited about getting up and going to work? Then come and join Pam and Gail in this energetic and highly interactive workshop. Why? Because happy staff are engaged, productive, friendly, and motivated. Happy staff treat customers so they can’t wait to come back. And happy staff are a lot of fun to work with!

12:00 p.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Autograph Garden


Jay Rath

The W-Files: True Stories of Wisconsin's Unexplained Phenomena

12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

President's LuncheonGreen Fire: The Living Legacy of Aldo


    Suite II

Curt Meine, Senior Fellow, The Aldo Leopold Foundation

More than twenty years after publishing the first biography of Wisconsin's famed conservationist Aldo Leopold, Curt Meine remains involved in the continuing story of Leopold's impact on literature, history, conservation and environmental thought.  Meine will share his thoughts on Leopold's enduring legacy – and how it continues to grow and change in response to the environmental challenges of the 21st century.  Meine will also discuss his work on the first full-length documentary on Leopold, which is set to premiere this fall.  He adds, "And don't be surprised if cranes somehow show up in my presentation!"

A revised edition of Aldo Leopold: His Life and Work, which includes a new preface by Curt and an appreciation by acclaimed Kentucky writer and farmer Wendell Berry, was released on October 19, 2010.  Curt will be available to sign copies of his work after the luncheon.

2:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Autograph Garden

    Suite II

Curt Meine

Aldo Leopold: His Life and Work