Committee on Organization

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Current Committee Members

  1. Reviews language outlining the policies and procedures relating to the organization and structure of the Association.
  2. Prepares and keeps current the Organizational Manual to include WLA Bylaws, bylaws of all WLA units, policies and procedures adopted by the WLA Board, including duties of officers and committees.
  3. Studies and reports with recommendations all proposals for amending the Bylaws.
  4. Ensures that amendments to the Bylaws occur according to established procedures and that they result in internally consistent documents.
  5. Recommends the establishment or discontinuance of units as the needs of the Association may require and shall define the function and field of each such group. (See Bylaws, Article VII, Sections 2.B.)
  6. Sends a copy of all committee minutes and mailings to the WLA Executive Director and WLA President.