Special Librarian Profile - Lexy Spry

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Q&A with Lexy Spry

lexyCan you tell us a little bit about your educational and professional background?
I have a B.A. in German language and literature and an M.A. in Library and Information Studies. I worked for six years as a knowledge manager for UW-Madison and I've been with Widen, where I presently work, since January 2015.

What do you do in your current position?
am a learning experience designer and facilitator. This means I design experiences for our customers to learn how to use our products (Widen is a software company). Most of my work focuses on our digital asset management system. I script, storyboard, produce, and edit videos, I wrote content for our website, I design trainings and visit customers in person, and I teach workshops.

Did your MLS prepared you for your current position? How?
Metadata is the backbone of a digital asset management system, and I focused on metadata and information architecture during grad school. I also learned quite a bit about helping people learn about technology, through two practica on library instruction and through a course on Pedagogical Theory and Practice for Information Professionals.

Would you encourage other information professionals to go into digital asset management? If so is there anything they should focus on during their education that would
facilitate this job choice?
Yes, I would! The skills to organize information is really not held by other professionals. Organizations of all sizes need the brainpower that information professionals possess. Having a person to help organize and shepherd an organization's information is so valuable to the bottom line!

What "items" of value, or experiences of value, could a professional organization offer you?
I’m interested in starting a business and consulting, so courses, experiences, etc. on that topic would be of interest.