2011 Scholarship Recipients

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The WLA Foundation has announced the recipients of 2011 scholarships totaling $4,900 for both library and continuing education.

The Library Education Scholarship of $1,150 goes to Angela Terrab, who will attend the UW-Madison SLIS this fall. Terrab said, "The financial support offered by this scholarship will give me more flexibility to find the right balance between school, work, and community service.

Matthew Heindel, Janesville, will receive a $900 Sally Davis Scholarship for individuals pursuing their MLS at UW-Madison SLIS.

The Vida Cummins Stanton Scholarship of $1,300 for individuals pursuing a career in youth librarianship at UW-Milwaukee SOIS goes to Stacie Karlin, Manitowoc.

The Diversity Scholarship of $900 goes to Melissa Nicholas, Madison, and the $650 George Bauer Continuing Education Scholarship goes to Penny Johnson, Baraboo Public Library.

The WLA Foundation Board allocates scholarship amounts based on a percentage in each scholarship endowment. The Scholarships Committee reviews applications and determines the recipients.

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If you don't see your name listed, contact the WLA Foundation to share your story!

Scholarship Recipients