Guidelines for Writing Resolutions

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Any member or unit of the Association may submit resolutions concerning substantive matters for the consideration of the membership. The following guidelines are intended to assist in the preparation of resolutions and be helpful in expediting the business of the Association. A suggested format  may be obtained from the WLA office.

The Parliamentarian is charged to provide an advisory function in the preparation of resolutions. Members are encouraged to request the assistance of the Parliamentarian as much in advance of the annual conference as possible.

A.WRITING A RESOLUTION: All resolutions should be composed according to the following guidelines:

1.The resolution shall be related to the purposes of the Wisconsin Library Association, Article II: to communicate that library and information services address essential informational, educational, cultural and recreational needs within Wisconsin; to support efforts to assure the people of Wisconsin access to the broad range of views about issues of importance to them; to take positions on current critical issues related to library and information service.

2.The resolution should address only one topic or issue.

3.The resolution should be complete so that upon passage it becomes a clear and formal expression of the opinion or will of the assembly.

4.The intent, objective, or goal of the resolution should be clear to all. The resolution should make clear whether it concerns a general WLA policy, a viewpoint, or a call for specific action.

5.If the resolution calls for a specific action, or program, with a timetable, the timetable shall be clear.

6.If the resolution has fiscal implications for the Association, an estimate of costs to be incurred should be included.

7.Each resolution must be submitted by a voting member of the Association and must indicate the initiating individual or unit.

B.PRESENTING A RESOLUTION: It is desired that all resolutions shall be presented in writing to the Parliamentarian for preliminary review, numbering, and forwarding in accordance with the guidelines approved by the Board. After review, resolutions are referred to the Board. The earlier a resolution is presented, the greater will be the opportunity for it to receive an adequate hearing and discussion by the members.

1.If presented at least 30 days prior to the date of the annual business meeting, the Board-approved resolutions will be placed on the Annual Business Meeting Agenda.

2.Resolutions submitted after the 30-day deadline but at least 24 hours before the annual business meeting will be reviewed by the Parliamentarian, posted on the officially designated Conference Resolutions Board, and reproduced for the annual business meeting and forwarded to the President by the Executive Director for addition to the agenda.

3.Resolutions submitted after the 24-hour deadline may not be posted, but may be presented by the concerned individual for addition to the agenda of the business meeting by a two-thirds vote.

4.WLA Bylaws, Article V, Section 2: Motions or resolutions which do not result from official WLA units' action, and which have not been placed on the agenda by the Board of Directors at least 24 hours before the business meeting, can only be added to the agenda during the business meeting by the approval of two-thirds of the members present and voting.

If a resolution is not approved for addition to the agenda by action of the WLA Board or the President, the presenter shall be notified. The resolution may be presented by the concerned individual for addition to the agenda of the business meeting by a two-thirds vote.