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 WLA and Unit Leadership Roster

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WLA Board

WLA Foundation Board

2012 Committees

WLA Foundation Committees


Campaign Action

Association of Wisconsin Special Librarians (AWSL) Board

Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians (WAAL)
WAAL Board
WAAL Conference Committee
WAAL Information Literacy Committee

WAAL Membership Committee
WAAL Professional Development Committee
WAAL Communications Committee

Wisconsin Public Library Association (WAPL)
WAPL Board

WAPL Conference Committee

Wisconsin Library Trustees & Friends (WLTF)
WLTF Board

Sections & Round Tables

Ethnic & Multicultural Information Exchange Round Table (EMIERT)

Government Information Round Table (GIRT)  
GIRT Board

Intellectual Freedom Round Table (IFRT)
IFRT Board

Library User Education Round Table (LUERT) 

Media & Technology Section (MATS)
MATS Board

New Members Round Table (NMRT)   
NMRT Board and Representatives

Outreach Services Round Table (OSRT)  
OSRT Board 

Readers' Advisory Section (READ)
READ Board 
READ Literary Awards Committee (LITA)

Reference & Adult Services Section (RASS)
RASS Board

Resource Sharing Round Table (RSRT)
RSRT Board 

Technical Services Section (TSS)  
TSS Board 

Support Staff and Circulation Services Section (SSCS)
SSCS Board

Wisconsin Genealogy & Local History Round Table (WIGLHR)   

Wisconsin Small Libraries Section (WISL)
WISL Board

Youth Services Section (YSS)

YSS Board 
YSS Children's Book Award Committee


WLA Members

Public Libraries and Systems

Academic Libraries

Special Libraries

WLA Membership Groups

Association of Wisconsin Special Librarians (AWSL)

Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians (WAAL)

Wisconsin Association of Public Libraries (WAPL)

Wisconsin Library Trustees & Friends (WLTF)

EMIERT Members

GIRT Members

IFRT Members

LUERT Members

MATS Members

NMRT Members

OSRT Members

READ Members

RASS Members

RSRT Members

TSS Members

SSCS Members

WIGLHR Members

WISL Members

YSS Members